Dont think we are in Seattle anymore

And so it came to pass

The Plot Thickens

After the Cathedral the team find a building that has been repulsing the zombies. The building is occupied and after a negotiation the team are granted access. Inside the power plant the lone occupant, Arl a Voidborn with a talent for getting into places, desides to join the team.

As the zombie infection has caused the demand for electricity in the district to drop the Adeptus Mechanicus decides to shutdown the the power plant remotely. An attempt by james to ask the AM to keep the powerplanet alive fails by the AM’s ability to understand the current situation and James’ communication not meeting the AM standard communication protocol.
The AM’s responce to the situation are to activate the plants intrusion counter measures. after fighting the AM the Team desides to exfiltrate.

After and encounter with a group of people that have put their faith completely in the hands of the emperor the party meets Ezikiel.

Ezikiel is the psionically active spokes person for what he describes as his “kin”
He describes the situation in the underhive to the team and requestes the team to assist him in re-establish control of the district via the overrun Adeptus Arbites outposts, there are six in total.

According to Ezikel the district are overrun by not one but two kinds of zombies (a warp indiced and slow type and a infectious and fast) and between then sits small groups of survivors.

The team agrees.

tearing throught the town the teams Rhino and the kins two armored limos and arriving at the first outpost, a construction with two loft towers with fortified entrances and a central bunker hanging from the celling.
The team also works as liasons between a group of survivors and the kin. the elders of the survivors let the team know of some strange creatures that has been attacking them.

Afterwards the team wishes to recover a cache of ammunition they have left in a Arena in the centre of the district. Arriving there they find the site over run by zombies. an plan-B is formed and the Team infiltrate the Arena via the sewer while the kin leaves the area and return at a specified time.
The trip through the sewer is disgusting, but after the team enters the things become wierd and hallucinations from the past causes a dangerous situation. chancing upon a mutant frog causes the team to be invited to a drink, the host is the jovial Aaratoth a very great and foul being that after healing the party ask them to “deal” with the pesky Magnus the Simple-minded whom have cause Aaratoth some grief and lives in the upper hive.
Aaratoth also helps the party getting the cache out of the arena.

Rejoining with the kin the team continues on the quest to retake lost police stations. The next police station has a working datacrypt and the party sends a report and gathers some intelligence on their surroundings. While a malfunction leaves some doubt on how much of the report that has been transmitted, the datacrypt reveals some disturbing information on their ally Ezikiel as well as the extend of ork’s in the hive.

Ezikiel tells the party that there are twelve zombie sites in the district. the team embarks to destroy them.

The Team clears the first site but due to driver error the rhino ends full of zombigenic liquid and half buried in a lake-floor the team commandeers a truck and commences.

on the way to the next site the Team falls in an ambush and are attempted burgled by a local. the burglar are killed but during the hunt for his two sniper friends in a residential building, the content of the truck are stolen by a group of dregs.

The Team hunts the thieves but are cut off by some zombies and seek refuge with Moll and her survivors.



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