Dont think we are in Seattle anymore

Back on track

The Team rested at Mulls survivors and got some info where their equipemnt may have gotten carried off to.
Mull tells an old legende that there are three places deep in the subhive that are meant for restoring ordere and suggestion was to find some of the dregs that inhabbit the sector and ask where they get their drugs from since the dregs that carried off the gear will propperly have sold it for drugs.
later after asking a dreg where the dealer lives, the resetablish communication with the kin and after a short wait the kin arrives with the a undrowned rhino, Tavares in an attempt to investigate the upper floorsof the building that they have infiltrated while waiting gets a unique close encounter with one of the kins elders.
The kin and the team depart toward the hive gang stronghold, the dreg had revealed.

UponEzikiels suggestion the team pose as buyers to gain access and have a few extra armed people from the kin to add pennach.

the teams gain access in the planned manner and when the enter the “office” of the gang leader they find that Jarvis stands in a mysteriously empty circle in some seemingly unintentional spot.
Tavares begins the talking and gets the chief to give them back all their identifiable gear if he can pick up Jarvis. he agrees and pick ups jarvis to the jaw dropping astonishment of the gang boss.

the gangster keeps his word and excorts the team out. in the mean time the kin has overpowered the guards in the courtyard.

The team eventually leaves and the the gang boss are leaft with the impression that he had been spared for some reason.

the team helps the kin taking over another of the adeptus precints and reequip themselves. and continue to one of the places that Mull mentioned.

underneathe a old open mine they find a ancient, 5000+ year old, space ship, Empearors Wrath, with a dodgy cognitator and a appx 150 old Macro cannon. The team desides that blowing the hive up is not on the agenda untill hey have arraged transport off the planet.



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