Dont think we are in Seattle anymore

Bend goes the Warp

Where the F is Kansas anyway

The haunted spire with a zombie problem. The characters are recruted by S.T. Magruder to to end the menace. Meeting Atellus a fellow stranger on the hive they navigate the bureaucracy, namely groupleader Dreadhawk under Cpt Alheffe, to aquire necessary equipment.
Atellus, James og Tavares commandeer a flamer squad and a Rhino APC. and go tearing zombies.

The team find a cluster for zombies around a cathedral and after clearing the outside they venture in to find the cathedral packed and all attention diverted to a podium in the middle of the building. Some kind of strange contraption stand here here along with a huge humped and bulky figure. The zombies in the room appear to have avoided them.



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