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From The Fryingpan Into The Orc

The team rushes through the frozen wastelands of Faldon Kise on the way to Sol Invictus. They reach the familiar landmark of the pass through the ridge through which they can see Sol Invictus beyond.

As they approach the pass they find it blocked by a crude barrier stuffed with Orc pulsar mines. Hextor. James brings the Rhino to a stop a good distance from the barrier. Hextor surveys the sides of the pass and the small boulders on the top of it and find them not big enough to pose a threat to the Rhino. Tavares fires the storm bolter at the boulders and see a few Grentchin run away, after which Hextor disembarks the Rhino and climbs the pass.

Meanwhile in the rhino Tavares Paulson III fires the storm bolter directly at the barrier and triggers several of the pulse mines and removes most of the barrier and also some of the snow cover of the huge pit trap in front of the barrier.

Hextor slides down the slope to inspect the barrier while James moves the Rhino around the trap. Both sees that the snow bulges in places look deceptively like pulse mines buried under snow.

From the gun position Tavares has a marvelous view of the pass and the two groups of greenskins who appears there. At the helm of the Rhino James becomes in doubt if he have run over some mines. A waiting game begins until the greenskins are with in range of the storm bolter, at the some point an explosion happens in the center of one of the greenskin groups killing about half, but the rest keeps approaching.

Hextor tries to scale the slope again but he slides back and accidentally puts his foot on a buried pulse mine, he tries to remove his foot successfully from the mine without causing an explosion, and after another failed attempt tempt to scale the slope, he reenters the Rhino and readies for the onslaught of the Greenskins.

As the Greenskins come within reach of the storm bolter, Tavares begins to carve big holes in the approaching Greenskins, leaving the gretchin dead or dying and positively vaporises the few orcs.

When all the greenskins lie down (twitching or not) James reverses the Rhino along the track and Tavares fires the storm bolter and blows the buried mine up leaving a hole in the small area between the pit trap, of which the cover has caved in after the explosion. The area is still passable but only just so. The pit trap revealed is big enough to swallow the Rhino.

Hextor exits the rhino and find 2 greenskins clinging to the sides of the tank, he quickly reenters the tank is a slight panic, Tavares has climbed down from the Bolter by then and Jacob has dared himself to exit the Rhino. As Hextor reexits the rhino now with his shotgun, one of the Gretchin has climbed up the sides and taken the storm bolter, which it fires on Jacob and Hextor and, in a Pulp Fiction moment, hits nothing. Tavares deals with the Gretchin with a well aimed salvo from his autopistol, a fate that is shared by the Gretchin that scales the tank from the other side.

The crew decides that the time to leave is now and James drives the Rhino along the narrow path between the slope and the pit but fails, sending the rhino into the pit where it hits the metal bottom with a clang.

The crew is bruised and battereds and the Rhino is on its side in the metal pit. James tries to scale the pit and find that four grentch has taken position on the edge and shoots at him. Hextor scales the pit and reach the top and starts to shoot at the greenskins.

These are eventually defeated by gun, grenade and psychic force.

Jacob and Tavares spots that the pit has a door.



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