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Intendured Acolytes

After arrival back in Sol Invictus the team has a well deserved rest to recover from the adventure.

The characters sits in an inn and discuss their adventures. Tavares leaves the party to make an inquiry about the drilling in the Sol Invictus area in the central administration building and find that they have a scheduled meeting with Arl, the chief administrator of Sol Invitus. At this time the rest of the party are greeted by a town crier in the inn that announces the meeting to them.

At the same time a shady character enters the inn and sits down within earshot of the party and immediately attracts their suspicion. James and Jacob recognise the man as Sen Lekant, also known as Sly, a fairly recent arrival and very suspicious character. All suspicions are proven correct when Sen approaches them offering them a modest sum for telling him what is discussed in the meeting that their are going to have with Mester Arl later that day.

The party keeps low profile until the meeting, and in due time makes their way to the Administratum. In the anteroom of the Administratum the party is approched by a Novice that on behalf ofMester Attilas, the Towns missionary and head of the Adeptus Terra.

Mester Arl turn out to be very interested in their trip to and return from the spire. and gives them a task to explore the hither-to unknown pathways associated with the rail lines.

After the meeting with Mester Arl, the party is greeted by the same novice and lead to the cathedral and greeted by Mester Attilas who also is interested in their trip. At a point a noble woman enters the cathedral and approaches the group she is also interested in the party’s doing at the spire.

However she also seems uncanny knowledgeable about the party’s origin and is able to produce a rosary contaning the Inquisitorial sign. She introduces herself as Lady Olianthe Rathbone.

The Inqusitor rectruits the Party to search the entire rail line alle the way to St Martin under the guise of the task issued to them by Mester Arl. Speaking of the demonic presence at the relay station, which she somehow knows about, she promises some aid if they should encounter and ends the meeting.

The next morning the Acolytes meet with Mester Arl at the Administratum stables and are introduced to equipment of the exploration which consists of nineteen serfs (cartographs, orc hunters, guards, scribes (and a medic)) an auger array and a bag of krak grenades). Arl departs and Lady Rathbone reveals her presence and gives the Acolytes a “psycannon” with special ammunition. And the adventure awakes.



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