Dont think we are in Seattle anymore

Next level

Tavares’s endeavor to copy the text on the shaft wall ends after several hours. Meanwhile the pump has emptied some of the water in the shaft, making it possible to reach the next level. The team descends into the shaft.

The next level is reached after a sudden reversal of gravity unrelated to Jacob tapping the warp for healing, which leaves even more bruises but also a significantly dryer shaft.

The shaft room on this level holds no writing but to the west is a corridor and to the east hidden behind the shaft is a pressure door.

The team proceeds into the corridor and find a t-section going north-south in a slight curve. Closer examination reveals a hole in the wall where a jet of rust suddenly hits James. Behind the hole is a heavy bolter trap, but fortunately the trap is in such a bad repair that the ammo feed to the bolter has broken. Tavares salvages the bolter and the team continues along the southern way.

After a episode where the teams servitor steps into a snare, the team arrives at a room that contains a large metal cover in the center and three equipment crates. After finding two other snares, one more bolter trap and a room to the far north, the team is stopped from making a full circle due to a missing floor. They return to the site of the second bolter trap which is opposite a pressure door, and prepares to enter the door.



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