Dont think we are in Seattle anymore

Omnicron IV Zombie Apocalypse

Between The dead and the fire

Waking up the morning following the tournament the Arena is eerily very quiet, while the other gladiators seems to lie sleeping in their cells. As The Runners wakes, metal seem to corrode at extreme speed and the walls weep blood. This cause some confusion and concern in Kainen, Tavares and Hoax finds the guards missing and tries to solve the issue by cleansing the portal by flamer. This causes the bath area to be blocked by the flame which seem to burn happily on the rock and ferrocrete walls.

James and Ragaar who remains in the arena find that the fellow gladiators rise in a unnatural way and that the fire started by Kainen spreads violently despite the lack of fuel sources. The Runners decide that leaving is a good idea. Tavares locates a 5 ton Truck and James commandeers the pull cart, normally used to transport bodies out of the arena, to rescue the acolytes equipment.

While the fire spreads and the the former gladiators lurch and scramble out of their cells, Tavares gets the truck manuvered into the underhalls for the arena and is met by the former doctor. This results in a fight as the doctor is not interested in healing Tavares.

While Kainen fights the expanding fire with a krak grenade, a piece of sheetmetal and a watermains, Ragaar realizes that the fire soon will reach the Acolytes excessive ammo supply, grabs the pullcart and rushes to the exit. As the warrior has never before seen the living dead, he is overcome by fear, faints and is almost rundown by the cart. A short distance away James is surprised by the expanding flame but narrowly excapes.

While Kainen fights fire, and James fights zombies. Tavares has had enough and using the truck as a battering ram, reverses through the corridors towards the pullcart mowing down zombies left and right. The zombies are overcome and most of the equipment has survived, to his dismay James finds his water containers have melted.

The truck is loaded and though the fire has subsided the now redhot metal container with half the acolytes bolter ammo is considered a very acute risk and is abandoned.

The trip through the hive is suspiciously uneventful; no people on the streets only haphazzardly parked carts and city wheelers. The explanation of the situation is give at a security checkpoint by an arbites trooper.

The Acolytes are let through and directed to the hospital of the Red Rose Order where James and Kainen donates generously to the Emperor while Ragaar and Tavares finds lodgings in the local enforcer barracks.



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