Dont think we are in Seattle anymore

The Broken Vault

Behind the pressure door is some moth-eaten benches and four semi-large rodents, attacking the team. The team’s Tech Priest (Mech-wright) is spearhead and gets one of the rodents hurt and a the rest is soon forced to flee. The room seems mysterious to the team and the doors automatically closing is prevented.

Exploring the levels is complicated by James stepping in a snare.

As the team continues down to the next level, the Mech-Wright slips and falls six floors. Miraculously the team finds him in a sorry state but alive on a grill blocking the shaft, just over 60 feet below the rest of the team.

Behind the door at level three is a room similar to the others, though there are only one opening to the west. Behind it is a short corridor whose right side is dominated by a large cog shaped vault door which seals off a room. The corridor ends in a control room of sorts with a large window going to the floor and instruments in the ceiling. Access to the hallway from the control room can be sealed by a vault door similar to the one in the corridor.

Behind the glass are a huge round room 50 metres in diameter. An approximately 10 metres wide catwalk follows the wall. In the wall are three vault doors, two are closed. The last lies in the middle of the catwalk and a most significant sight is what appears to be a Mega Bolter hanging from the ceiling, pointing straight down at a small ball-shaped object about 10 metres by 10 metres witch hovers in the of the room below the catwalk.

On the catwalk around the bolter climbs two red creatures with horns, claws and long flexible bodies. A third of them is sitting on a massive four-legged creature that apparently is made of metal. Tavares is frightened by this sight and retreats, but the Mech-Wright begins to fiddle with the instruments. He finds out that four vault doors around the complex are open, that the Mega-Bolter is loaded but not enabled and its mounting does not allow for any travel, but in process disengaging from the system, the Mech-Wright creates feedback through the PA system clearing the creatures on the floor.

The team selects a rapid retreat, leaving their heavy bolter behing. On the surface Tavares quickly mounts the Rhinos mounted bolter and shortly after the others arrives in the Rhino, James takes the controls, the Mech-Wright pops the top hatch and readies for combat and the Adept, Jacob, enters the Rhino. Soon after the team is in place one of the red creatures crawls out out of the shaft, and immediately becomes swamped by gunfire from the two shooters and gravel from rhinos tracks.

From the Rhino the team calls for help. None of them are sure what they have seen, but they are certain that they can not handle it themselves.

They establish radio contact with Sol Invictus and somewhat panicky rapport the situation. They then hasten towards the spire where they left Piper Alpha.

Alpha asks them to calm down and see if they can not find a solution because if the creatures are allowed to run freely, it will compromise all and get the inquisition on their backs.

He suggests that they continue to Sol Invictus, because they will soon be supplied from the ship Solanum Tuberosum Felix, when the team could sneak aboard and persuade the crew to shoot at the relay station from orbit.

The team takes off toward Sol Invictus.



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