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The Malfi Endeavors

The group left Faldon Kise together with Inquisitor Rathbone on an Imperial space ship. She needed the group to investigate The Legion of Hammers on Malfi.

On their way to their new place on Malfi they suddenly came in possession of a statue, one that will only cause them problems. The day after their arrival the Arbites came to their apartment to search for the statue. During the search Ragaa started a fight with the Arbites, to make sure the others could hide the statue from the Arbites, and ended up in jail.

Kainen and Haxtes found a location for the Legion of the Hammers, a manufactorum. They wanted to infiltrate the legion but they did not manage, due to the fact Kainen is a Tech-priest. Later James went down to the manufactorum, and managed to get a job there.

The group was invited to a feast in the Red House thrown by the Mistress, a mysterious person who’ve never been seen in person. At this feast, the group mingled with the dignitaries and notable persons also invited. Apparently the rich and famous on Malfi, often enjoyed gladiator fight in arenas scattered throughout Malfi, and Tavares learned that Telemachus Terminus, grandson of Alder Terminus from Faldon Kise had sponsored an event there. Tavares struck a conversation with a man called Phrentz Khan, the owner of a lanista called Golden Opportunity. Khan invited the entire group to watch a sea battle the next day.

Kainen, who had claimed the space hulk above Faldon Kise, received a court summons from the navigator house Magnus Oprio, that wanted him to pay for 500 years wages to a navigator the group had freed on the hulk.

Tavares and James went to the lanista and watched a spectacular battle, reminiscent of the old Roman gladiator fights. Tavares hatched the splendid idea to look for a person familiar with the laws of Malfi to aid Kainen in court. Unfortunately, he only managed to upset a striking young lady, who dealt a mighty slap in the face.

Despite not knowing the laws of Malfi, Kainen and Tavares went to court and after a long a drawn out legal speech from the attorneys of Magnus Oprio, Kainen was acquitted of all charges, due to the fact that the navigator had been in a stasis field for the 500 years.

Haxtes went to the arbites to see what happened to Ragaa, and he decided to see if he could bribe the people at the jail to free Ragaa. The plan failed and he ended up in the same cell as Ragaa. Together they removed the bars so they could escape. In the attempt one of the bars hit a bird in flight, landed on the railroad and derailed an oncoming train. The train smashed into the prison at the floor below their cell, and they managed to escape.

Meanwhile at the apartment James and Tavares was cleaning their weapons while Hoax and Kainen was resting, when suddenly the door was kicked in and a mob attacked them. With help from Hoax they managed to kill 17 of them and scared off the rest. A group of gladiators arrived as support and were able to tell Tavares that the mob was actually enforcers! They then decided to evacuate the apartment post-hast, and went with the gladiators to their arena. On their way they picked up the rest of the group.

Somehow they ended up on a planet a quarter of the galaxy away from Malfi. In the arena James went to see the gladiator’s cois ning. One of them challenged James, to see how well he would do in a sword fight. Unfortunately James Mitchell killed the gladiator, and was required to either pay 2,000 Thrones or win a tournament in the arena.

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