Dont think we are in Seattle anymore

To Face the Doom of many ...Squigs

After descending into the bowels of Faldon Kise once again and overcoming their hard earned fears, the characters and their impressive retinue of guardsmen proceed from the central station in Sol Invictus to the old and familiar place of the second station in the line.

Here they leave 3/4 of the assigned fighting force to guard the entrance and a sergeant is set in charge of group.

The scouts (consisting of Hextor and two guardsmen) find the next station to be covered in bird like tracks or perhaps squig tracks. Save the tracks and some chew marks there is no sign of squigs.

The scouts call the rest of the company forth and are partially successful as the static of the sword in Tavares’ procession disrupts the radio signal.

Wardrums is heard in a southern direction and scouts are sent forth while the party makes count of how much dynamite they brought along and starts building a trap by rigging a twenty meter section of tunnel in the direction of the war-drums using all 50 sticks of explosives, connected to a trip wire in the near end of the tunnel.

On the scouting mission the scouts encounter a few squigs which they scare off with one man down, and they carry wounded soldier back. As they administer first aid to the wounded man a horde of squigs attack the party, possible alerted by the survivors of the scouts encounter.

Most of the party fails to Tavares’ storm bolter as a single hail of death reduces the hordes strength by half. The squigs route and run off in all possible directions.

In the belief that the squigs are of no further concern, James do not order the assigned guardsmen to form up and attack.

Ten squigs run in blind panic frenzy towards the tunnel entrance. The party tries to intercept the runners before they reach the trip wire but the attempt proves unsuccessful.

Literally meters before the squigs reaches the tripwire Kainen, Hoax and Tavares charge the squigs as a last-ditch attempt to stop the squigs. They manage to stop a few squigs, but one, the crucial one, triggers the trip wire. The explosion causes a massive cave-in, but while Tavares makes a fever dodge and escapes, Kainen and Hoax are trapped halfway out. Kainen sustains massive injuries and breaks a leg and while the situation looks rather grim Hoax by some miracle “only” gets very battered and loses his consciousness.

After killing the trigger squig, digging the buried ones out, kainen, Hoax, Ragnar and 2 soldiers, escort the wounded back while Tavares, James and Hextor remains after a peptalk from a(the) Sergent.

The party assumes that the orks are alerted if not by the storm bolter then by the explosion or the cave-in and prepares for the oncoming orks.



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