Tavares Paulson III

Black-skinned male, short dreadlocks and white eyes. On Faldon Kise, he often wears sunglasses or a visor.

Type Training
Melee Primitive, Power
Thrown Primitive
Pistol SP
Basic SP, Las, Bolt
Armour Head: 3, Body: 3, Right Arm: 3, Left Arm: 3

Wounds: 20
Fate Points: 4
Insanity Points: 39
Corruption Points: 8
XP spent: 7450
XP to spend: 20
Wealth: Not Enough

Weapon Class Damage Range RoF Penetration Clip Special Rules
BQ Bolter Basic 1d10+5 X 90m S/2/- 4 24 Tearing, Never Jams
Storm Bolter Basic 1d10+5 X 90m //6 4 120 Storm, Tearing
BQ Longlas Basic 1d10+3 E 150m S/-/- 1 40 Never Jams, Accurate, Reliable, +10BS@Aim, +1d10 DAM/2 successes
Frag Grenades Thrown 2d10 X SBx3 S/-/- - - Blast(4), Unreliable
Las pistol SP 1d10+2 E 30m S/-/6 0 18 -
Throwing Knife Thrown 1d5 R 5m S/-/- 0 - Primitive
Knife Melee 1d5+1 R - - 0 - Primitive
BQ Power Sword Melee 1d10+11 E - - 6 - Balanced, Power Field, +10WS
Jarvis Melee 1d10+6 R - - 0 - Balanced, Primitive, Sanctified, +10WS

Items: Tavares’ Inventory


Tavares Paulson III

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