Dont think we are in Seattle anymore

Omnicron IV Zombie Apocalypse
Between The dead and the fire

Waking up the morning following the tournament the Arena is eerily very quiet, while the other gladiators seems to lie sleeping in their cells. As The Runners wakes, metal seem to corrode at extreme speed and the walls weep blood. This cause some confusion and concern in Kainen, Tavares and Hoax finds the guards missing and tries to solve the issue by cleansing the portal by flamer. This causes the bath area to be blocked by the flame which seem to burn happily on the rock and ferrocrete walls.

James and Ragaar who remains in the arena find that the fellow gladiators rise in a unnatural way and that the fire started by Kainen spreads violently despite the lack of fuel sources. The Runners decide that leaving is a good idea. Tavares locates a 5 ton Truck and James commandeers the pull cart, normally used to transport bodies out of the arena, to rescue the acolytes equipment.

While the fire spreads and the the former gladiators lurch and scramble out of their cells, Tavares gets the truck manuvered into the underhalls for the arena and is met by the former doctor. This results in a fight as the doctor is not interested in healing Tavares.

While Kainen fights the expanding fire with a krak grenade, a piece of sheetmetal and a watermains, Ragaar realizes that the fire soon will reach the Acolytes excessive ammo supply, grabs the pullcart and rushes to the exit. As the warrior has never before seen the living dead, he is overcome by fear, faints and is almost rundown by the cart. A short distance away James is surprised by the expanding flame but narrowly excapes.

While Kainen fights fire, and James fights zombies. Tavares has had enough and using the truck as a battering ram, reverses through the corridors towards the pullcart mowing down zombies left and right. The zombies are overcome and most of the equipment has survived, to his dismay James finds his water containers have melted.

The truck is loaded and though the fire has subsided the now redhot metal container with half the acolytes bolter ammo is considered a very acute risk and is abandoned.

The trip through the hive is suspiciously uneventful; no people on the streets only haphazzardly parked carts and city wheelers. The explanation of the situation is give at a security checkpoint by an arbites trooper.

The Acolytes are let through and directed to the hospital of the Red Rose Order where James and Kainen donates generously to the Emperor while Ragaar and Tavares finds lodgings in the local enforcer barracks.

The Malfi Endeavors

The group left Faldon Kise together with Inquisitor Rathbone on an Imperial space ship. She needed the group to investigate The Legion of Hammers on Malfi.

On their way to their new place on Malfi they suddenly came in possession of a statue, one that will only cause them problems. The day after their arrival the Arbites came to their apartment to search for the statue. During the search Ragaa started a fight with the Arbites, to make sure the others could hide the statue from the Arbites, and ended up in jail.

Kainen and Haxtes found a location for the Legion of the Hammers, a manufactorum. They wanted to infiltrate the legion but they did not manage, due to the fact Kainen is a Tech-priest. Later James went down to the manufactorum, and managed to get a job there.

The group was invited to a feast in the Red House thrown by the Mistress, a mysterious person who’ve never been seen in person. At this feast, the group mingled with the dignitaries and notable persons also invited. Apparently the rich and famous on Malfi, often enjoyed gladiator fight in arenas scattered throughout Malfi, and Tavares learned that Telemachus Terminus, grandson of Alder Terminus from Faldon Kise had sponsored an event there. Tavares struck a conversation with a man called Phrentz Khan, the owner of a lanista called Golden Opportunity. Khan invited the entire group to watch a sea battle the next day.

Kainen, who had claimed the space hulk above Faldon Kise, received a court summons from the navigator house Magnus Oprio, that wanted him to pay for 500 years wages to a navigator the group had freed on the hulk.

Tavares and James went to the lanista and watched a spectacular battle, reminiscent of the old Roman gladiator fights. Tavares hatched the splendid idea to look for a person familiar with the laws of Malfi to aid Kainen in court. Unfortunately, he only managed to upset a striking young lady, who dealt a mighty slap in the face.

Despite not knowing the laws of Malfi, Kainen and Tavares went to court and after a long a drawn out legal speech from the attorneys of Magnus Oprio, Kainen was acquitted of all charges, due to the fact that the navigator had been in a stasis field for the 500 years.

Haxtes went to the arbites to see what happened to Ragaa, and he decided to see if he could bribe the people at the jail to free Ragaa. The plan failed and he ended up in the same cell as Ragaa. Together they removed the bars so they could escape. In the attempt one of the bars hit a bird in flight, landed on the railroad and derailed an oncoming train. The train smashed into the prison at the floor below their cell, and they managed to escape.

Meanwhile at the apartment James and Tavares was cleaning their weapons while Hoax and Kainen was resting, when suddenly the door was kicked in and a mob attacked them. With help from Hoax they managed to kill 17 of them and scared off the rest. A group of gladiators arrived as support and were able to tell Tavares that the mob was actually enforcers! They then decided to evacuate the apartment post-hast, and went with the gladiators to their arena. On their way they picked up the rest of the group.

Somehow they ended up on a planet a quarter of the galaxy away from Malfi. In the arena James went to see the gladiator’s cois ning. One of them challenged James, to see how well he would do in a sword fight. Unfortunately James Mitchell killed the gladiator, and was required to either pay 2,000 Thrones or win a tournament in the arena.

Mangler beskrivelse af bl.a.
Kainens diverse ture/besøg

To Face the Doom of many ...Squigs

After descending into the bowels of Faldon Kise once again and overcoming their hard earned fears, the characters and their impressive retinue of guardsmen proceed from the central station in Sol Invictus to the old and familiar place of the second station in the line.

Here they leave 3/4 of the assigned fighting force to guard the entrance and a sergeant is set in charge of group.

The scouts (consisting of Hextor and two guardsmen) find the next station to be covered in bird like tracks or perhaps squig tracks. Save the tracks and some chew marks there is no sign of squigs.

The scouts call the rest of the company forth and are partially successful as the static of the sword in Tavares’ procession disrupts the radio signal.

Wardrums is heard in a southern direction and scouts are sent forth while the party makes count of how much dynamite they brought along and starts building a trap by rigging a twenty meter section of tunnel in the direction of the war-drums using all 50 sticks of explosives, connected to a trip wire in the near end of the tunnel.

On the scouting mission the scouts encounter a few squigs which they scare off with one man down, and they carry wounded soldier back. As they administer first aid to the wounded man a horde of squigs attack the party, possible alerted by the survivors of the scouts encounter.

Most of the party fails to Tavares’ storm bolter as a single hail of death reduces the hordes strength by half. The squigs route and run off in all possible directions.

In the belief that the squigs are of no further concern, James do not order the assigned guardsmen to form up and attack.

Ten squigs run in blind panic frenzy towards the tunnel entrance. The party tries to intercept the runners before they reach the trip wire but the attempt proves unsuccessful.

Literally meters before the squigs reaches the tripwire Kainen, Hoax and Tavares charge the squigs as a last-ditch attempt to stop the squigs. They manage to stop a few squigs, but one, the crucial one, triggers the trip wire. The explosion causes a massive cave-in, but while Tavares makes a fever dodge and escapes, Kainen and Hoax are trapped halfway out. Kainen sustains massive injuries and breaks a leg and while the situation looks rather grim Hoax by some miracle “only” gets very battered and loses his consciousness.

After killing the trigger squig, digging the buried ones out, kainen, Hoax, Ragnar and 2 soldiers, escort the wounded back while Tavares, James and Hextor remains after a peptalk from a(the) Sergent.

The party assumes that the orks are alerted if not by the storm bolter then by the explosion or the cave-in and prepares for the oncoming orks.

New Challenges

The Acolytes leave the space hulk and immediately face new challenges on the surface, as the arrival of the space hulk have increased the ork activity on the planet, without the knowledge that behind the sea of orks is some unchallenged malleus activity.

To the knowledge of the acolytes, Sol Invictus has been attacked by a major ork force and a message from St Martin mentions that the tunnels have been flooded. The message does not say whether the tunnels are flooded with water or ork.

Kainen has sendt word to the Adeptus Mechanicus on Scintilla saying that he claims the space hulk.

A company of soldiers has been assigned to James command and the party is currently in the Sol Invictus station trying to figure out the best way to die.


The Acolytes continued the planning to rescue the Bleak Memory. During this, they were attacked by two warp specters one of whom disappeared in a time warp and by the power of Jarvis, Tavares defeated the specters.

Orks, Orks, Orks and ...? Orks?

The Acolytes stand on a ledge on the middle level of a three level gallery. Along the ledge further ahead is a bunch of orks, pushing and shoving to get through a huge strange star-shaped grating. Above them, the gallery is corroded and old only a few man sized pipes and tubes jut out from under the ceiling all heavily rotted.

The acolytes engaged the horde at the grating and a long battle ensues but finally the last two orks lie scattered on the floor or drifting slowly around in space.

On the bottom level, orks are frantically sealing a huge, heavy door and fleeing from it. The acolytes notice a thumping as of heavy steps, and the door starts to glow red, and finally melts away.

The acolytes finds the best cover they can, as behind the door the looming shape of a dreadnought appears. The dreadnought lumbers through the lower gallery in pursue of the orks.

The acolytes climb up to a pipe in the upper gallery and sees a room at the end of the pipe where a corpse slowly rotates in the airless void. Hoax feels the presence of three warp entities but nothing is shown, and Kainen locates an area with heavy radiation close to the corpse. Kainen also notices that there is some power in the instrumentation on the wall. The corpse seems to be of a recent date and carries the uniform of the Imperial Navy.

The pipe continues ahead and reveals another room where many of the electronics and screens on the walls have power and and the artificial gravity is active.

The screens shows other parts of the hulk, notably a dais where a figure clad in power armour slay orks en masse with chainsword, hammer and the name of the Emperor.

The psyker is increasingly worried as the three ghosts follow him and are joined by two others.

A strange glow emits from further along the pipe where there is evidence of yet another room.
Just out of the room lies the severely reduced remains of an archmilitant; practically only the uniform and two ancient bolt guns remain. Tavares takes the bolter shot and James loots the guns.

The room is an odd spectacle. Here a huge stasis bubble preserves a frozen dramatic scene where a Commissar stands, pointing a gun at a ships Captain who lies prone on the floor. All but ignoring this spectacle, the acolytes spot a hallway from which combat is audible and push towards it.

The hallway ends in a gallery at the center of which, a dais is the current strong point for where a space marine fights a seemingly overwhelming tide of orcs.

The acolytes assist the marine in killing the last orks and the marine presents himself as Brother Marine Lothar Odd of the Salamanders.

Strange things in the sky

The Acolytes are summoned by the inquisitor. She informs them that a space hulk has appered and she wants them to enter it after the kill team and retrieve a special item for her.

They fly to the hulk, enter and find a dead storm trooper in the entrance to the hulk. Some squigs attack and the acolytes make mince meat of them.

Thye find that orks are converging on a point deeper in the hulk. After navigating toward this point, the acolytes engage the orks by shooting them in the back.

Setting up base

Hextor spot Sel Lekant in the railway station having a meeting with an fellow in an strange armor.

Hextor sets up a meeting with Sel Lekat at an inn with very few customers, and also sets up base in a abandoned house close to the inns. By luck and persuasion Hextor acquires the local Tech priests to fix the house.

James and kainen meet with Hextor,
James wanders off and informs Rothbone about Sel Lekant. she tells him that he must not die, but his faked death maybe an advantage.

Tavares locates a means of communication between St Martin and Sol Invictus. After this he returns to Sol Invictus and sets up the communication link in a room near the station.

An attempt to create a magnetic device turns into a blackout for Hextor and a part of the mining town.

Sel Lekant arrives with help at the inn talks to James about an old offer

Hextor meets with Sel Lekant but Sel survives. James hints to Sel that his life could be easier if he faked his death.

Hextor is fined 50 thrones by the Adeptus Mechanicus for short circuting the electricity in Sol Invictus.

Culture Clash

The Demon slayers return to Sol Invictus, and are not eager to report their findings in the tunnels to anyone.

However they seek Mester Attilas, the old missionary and head of the Ecclesiarchy of Sol Invictus, and report their findings, and asks for the Inquisitor. Attilas tells that the Inquisitor is still in the tunnels and the old priest is concerned of the souls of the acolytes and orders them to undergo a pieous cleansing, to which the Acolytes reluctantly aggrees.

The first cleansing goes with out any event but during the following marathon prayer and meditation, James falls asleep.

Through this acute danger to his soul, the priest resorts to a harsher purification. This ends in disaster when the action is interpreted as an attack by James. After a lengthy fight the priests overcomes the guardsman and puts him into a meditation box.

After the others end their meditation, they are presented with news that a member of the cadre is lost. The Arbitrator speaks the case of the guardsman and after a discussion Mester Attilas agress to set James Mitchell free if The Psyker cannot find any taint on him and that the holy weapon does not reject him.

James are approved by both means and let out, however Mester Attilas charges the Arbitrator with the care of the guardsman.

James and Kainen spends some days in hospital while the others hunt for equipment. After recovering James reports their findings to Mester Arl and recieves an tinfoil scroll, and a bill of exchange for 5000 thrones for a job well done. He recommends that the note is exchanged in the malfian subsector, and thanks James for the effort.

The others continue their shoppingspree.

Friends in unexpected places.

After the encounter with the bloodletter, the engine sound up the road vehicle is heard.

James Mitchell finds the sound quite familiar, as the vehicle approaches from the St Martin side.

James Mitchell and Tavares Paulson III realises that the truck contains a old friend from Seattle.

As Kainen doesn’t recognise the construction pattern, the road vehicle stops and a huge man exits, Mr Tong, an old fellow runner from Seattle.

A heated discussion ensues since all are still edgy after the demon encounter. The Seattle chummers stand against the edged prejudices of the Imperium and the arm of the law.

After the tempers have cooled down a bit Mr Tong informs the acolytes of problems at the St Martin end with the ore trains and the acolytes decide to go back to Sol invictus so that the ore trains can be restarted.


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