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At the relaystation

The party has arrived at the relaystation. The TechPriest immediately spots that there is something wrong as the relay station lies in ruins.

Further investigation reveals that most of the machinery of the relay station has been removed and replaced by a thick cable that runs out of the ruin and down a water filled shaft a short distance away.

The basement of the station has recently undergone some reconstruction as the room has been bisected by a wall with a very strange door with the number 314 painted on. The rest of the room were dusty and rusty pits, bobs and spare parts. The Tech Priest decided that the door were some kind of artifact and removes a piece of graffiti (which later proves to be the password). James finds that the water in the shaft is unnatural since it is not frozen solid like the rest of the planet. The party briefly tries to pull the cable out of the shaft but it proves too heavy.

However the task at opening the door captures most of the party’s attention while James guards the scenery from the rhino. The door has two handles, two levers, a very dead potted plant and one hatch to shut. Right in front of the door is a round plate with two footprints painted on.

The first attempt to open the door electrocutes the Tech Priest, nearly killing him. Tavares and the slightly smoking Tech-Priest decides to try to decode the door. This is eventually successful when the duo ignores the potted plant, mails a spare part through the pneumatic currier system in the door, using the two electrified levers in conjunction with the isolated and clearly marked footplate on the floor and converting the “graffiti” to binary and feeding it into the binary input device.

The room beyond reveals a machine of unknown use. A hose-like connecton runs from the hatch in the door along the left wall into the a corridor a head.
Following the corridor the party find themselves inside a huge machine. The floor changes from rockcrete to metal. the floor is perforated through which more stories can be seen. The corridor ends in round room with a shaft in the center (with a pressurized door) and the outer wall is covered with writing. This proves to be an instruction manual on how to run a sort of land-based gellarfield. Tavares begins to document the sacred text unto a data-slate.

Session 16211

Piper Alpha requests that the party to escort a junior tech priest to a check-up of a relay station some distance away. The party embarks on the journey which is quite uneventful, save an encounter with a geological feature, a ravine, and some wildlife, a Hexalid. The situation is resolved by the assassin engaging the Hexalid by sheer accident, James the guardsman freeing the rhino by sheer panic and the rest of the team scaring the Hexalid away by the way of a weapons system test. The party arrive at the relay station.

Until now

Adventure so far


The characters arrive in the cold barren wastes and quite quickly find three huts where they spend the night and scrounge some basic survival gear.

The huts are surrounded by barren icy wastelands save a shallow ridge to the east that runs northwest-southeast and a huge golden statue to the south. The statue is some fifteen clicks away and the characters make their way towards it.

On the way the characters stumble upon a cone-ish chitinous object much like the end of a lobsters pincer. The object is greenish gray and some one and a half meters long and has been a part of a larger creature. This might be a clue, an omen or a sign of the size of the native wildlife on world. However the party decides it is a hat.

On approaching the statue is of a man in a triumphant posture. The area below the statue is strewn with rubble from a previous statue and which also have served as a settlement. An investigation of the site shows a lot of human bones some of which has been worked into tools. After a short period of investigation, the characters are interrupted by a patrol of gretchin. After scaring off the greenskins the characters makes a survey of the area. To the NE, clinging to the ridge, is a camp of sorts, to the east there is a pass in the ridge beyond which the top of a monolith or pyramid of sorts can be seen and finally to the south of the statue is a walled town.

Suffering from the cold the characters makes their way towards the town and are spotted by the guards as they approach, and are rounded up and captured. They spend six months in captivity during witch they manage to learn a usable Low Gothic, while their processions are being scrutinized and their fate are being debated.

The Tech priest Piper Alpha sends the characters on a mission to the monolith.

After an ambush in the pass the party arrive at the monolith and with the help of the rituals of Piper they are allowed access. While Piper are himself with greeting rituals the players explore the inside of the pyramid and find it a host of offices belonging to small departments and companies staffed by servitors. All of the office chatter concerns the delayed deleveries and the reschedule of same. The offices are also clumsily fitted with shelves and rotunda with tape robots storing and sorting metal sheets with engraved signs, instead of tapes. The tape robots are fitted into the offices in a way that suggest the people installing the machines completely ignored the presence of office furniture.

In an office on a few stories up, the characters encounter a body dead at the desk and naturally mummified. This causes some disturbance and results in a line of questions to the Tech-Priest. The Tech-Priest in turn have some question to the nature of the equipment the characters arrived with and why they speak ancient terran. This discussion leads to the revelation of the date and location of the planet, that the pyramid used to be a part of a larger city some 1800 years ago and that the people in it are followers of Nomen Ryne.


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