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Adventure so far


The characters arrive in the cold barren wastes and quite quickly find three huts where they spend the night and scrounge some basic survival gear.

The huts are surrounded by barren icy wastelands save a shallow ridge to the east that runs northwest-southeast and a huge golden statue to the south. The statue is some fifteen clicks away and the characters make their way towards it.

On the way the characters stumble upon a cone-ish chitinous object much like the end of a lobsters pincer. The object is greenish gray and some one and a half meters long and has been a part of a larger creature. This might be a clue, an omen or a sign of the size of the native wildlife on world. However the party decides it is a hat.

On approaching the statue is of a man in a triumphant posture. The area below the statue is strewn with rubble from a previous statue and which also have served as a settlement. An investigation of the site shows a lot of human bones some of which has been worked into tools. After a short period of investigation, the characters are interrupted by a patrol of gretchin. After scaring off the greenskins the characters makes a survey of the area. To the NE, clinging to the ridge, is a camp of sorts, to the east there is a pass in the ridge beyond which the top of a monolith or pyramid of sorts can be seen and finally to the south of the statue is a walled town.

Suffering from the cold the characters makes their way towards the town and are spotted by the guards as they approach, and are rounded up and captured. They spend six months in captivity during witch they manage to learn a usable Low Gothic, while their processions are being scrutinized and their fate are being debated.

The Tech priest Piper Alpha sends the characters on a mission to the monolith.

After an ambush in the pass the party arrive at the monolith and with the help of the rituals of Piper they are allowed access. While Piper are himself with greeting rituals the players explore the inside of the pyramid and find it a host of offices belonging to small departments and companies staffed by servitors. All of the office chatter concerns the delayed deleveries and the reschedule of same. The offices are also clumsily fitted with shelves and rotunda with tape robots storing and sorting metal sheets with engraved signs, instead of tapes. The tape robots are fitted into the offices in a way that suggest the people installing the machines completely ignored the presence of office furniture.

In an office on a few stories up, the characters encounter a body dead at the desk and naturally mummified. This causes some disturbance and results in a line of questions to the Tech-Priest. The Tech-Priest in turn have some question to the nature of the equipment the characters arrived with and why they speak ancient terran. This discussion leads to the revelation of the date and location of the planet, that the pyramid used to be a part of a larger city some 1800 years ago and that the people in it are followers of Nomen Ryne.

Session 16211

Piper Alpha requests that the party to escort a junior tech priest to a check-up of a relay station some distance away. The party embarks on the journey which is quite uneventful, save an encounter with a geological feature, a ravine, and some wildlife, a Hexalid. The situation is resolved by the assassin engaging the Hexalid by sheer accident, James the guardsman freeing the rhino by sheer panic and the rest of the team scaring the Hexalid away by the way of a weapons system test. The party arrive at the relay station.

At the relaystation

The party has arrived at the relaystation. The TechPriest immediately spots that there is something wrong as the relay station lies in ruins.

Further investigation reveals that most of the machinery of the relay station has been removed and replaced by a thick cable that runs out of the ruin and down a water filled shaft a short distance away.

The basement of the station has recently undergone some reconstruction as the room has been bisected by a wall with a very strange door with the number 314 painted on. The rest of the room were dusty and rusty pits, bobs and spare parts. The Tech Priest decided that the door were some kind of artifact and removes a piece of graffiti (which later proves to be the password). James finds that the water in the shaft is unnatural since it is not frozen solid like the rest of the planet. The party briefly tries to pull the cable out of the shaft but it proves too heavy.

However the task at opening the door captures most of the party’s attention while James guards the scenery from the rhino. The door has two handles, two levers, a very dead potted plant and one hatch to shut. Right in front of the door is a round plate with two footprints painted on.

The first attempt to open the door electrocutes the Tech Priest, nearly killing him. Tavares and the slightly smoking Tech-Priest decides to try to decode the door. This is eventually successful when the duo ignores the potted plant, mails a spare part through the pneumatic currier system in the door, using the two electrified levers in conjunction with the isolated and clearly marked footplate on the floor and converting the “graffiti” to binary and feeding it into the binary input device.

The room beyond reveals a machine of unknown use. A hose-like connecton runs from the hatch in the door along the left wall into the a corridor a head.
Following the corridor the party find themselves inside a huge machine. The floor changes from rockcrete to metal. the floor is perforated through which more stories can be seen. The corridor ends in round room with a shaft in the center (with a pressurized door) and the outer wall is covered with writing. This proves to be an instruction manual on how to run a sort of land-based gellarfield. Tavares begins to document the sacred text unto a data-slate.

Next level

Tavares’s endeavor to copy the text on the shaft wall ends after several hours. Meanwhile the pump has emptied some of the water in the shaft, making it possible to reach the next level. The team descends into the shaft.

The next level is reached after a sudden reversal of gravity unrelated to Jacob tapping the warp for healing, which leaves even more bruises but also a significantly dryer shaft.

The shaft room on this level holds no writing but to the west is a corridor and to the east hidden behind the shaft is a pressure door.

The team proceeds into the corridor and find a t-section going north-south in a slight curve. Closer examination reveals a hole in the wall where a jet of rust suddenly hits James. Behind the hole is a heavy bolter trap, but fortunately the trap is in such a bad repair that the ammo feed to the bolter has broken. Tavares salvages the bolter and the team continues along the southern way.

After a episode where the teams servitor steps into a snare, the team arrives at a room that contains a large metal cover in the center and three equipment crates. After finding two other snares, one more bolter trap and a room to the far north, the team is stopped from making a full circle due to a missing floor. They return to the site of the second bolter trap which is opposite a pressure door, and prepares to enter the door.

The Broken Vault

Behind the pressure door is some moth-eaten benches and four semi-large rodents, attacking the team. The team’s Tech Priest (Mech-wright) is spearhead and gets one of the rodents hurt and a the rest is soon forced to flee. The room seems mysterious to the team and the doors automatically closing is prevented.

Exploring the levels is complicated by James stepping in a snare.

As the team continues down to the next level, the Mech-Wright slips and falls six floors. Miraculously the team finds him in a sorry state but alive on a grill blocking the shaft, just over 60 feet below the rest of the team.

Behind the door at level three is a room similar to the others, though there are only one opening to the west. Behind it is a short corridor whose right side is dominated by a large cog shaped vault door which seals off a room. The corridor ends in a control room of sorts with a large window going to the floor and instruments in the ceiling. Access to the hallway from the control room can be sealed by a vault door similar to the one in the corridor.

Behind the glass are a huge round room 50 metres in diameter. An approximately 10 metres wide catwalk follows the wall. In the wall are three vault doors, two are closed. The last lies in the middle of the catwalk and a most significant sight is what appears to be a Mega Bolter hanging from the ceiling, pointing straight down at a small ball-shaped object about 10 metres by 10 metres witch hovers in the of the room below the catwalk.

On the catwalk around the bolter climbs two red creatures with horns, claws and long flexible bodies. A third of them is sitting on a massive four-legged creature that apparently is made of metal. Tavares is frightened by this sight and retreats, but the Mech-Wright begins to fiddle with the instruments. He finds out that four vault doors around the complex are open, that the Mega-Bolter is loaded but not enabled and its mounting does not allow for any travel, but in process disengaging from the system, the Mech-Wright creates feedback through the PA system clearing the creatures on the floor.

The team selects a rapid retreat, leaving their heavy bolter behing. On the surface Tavares quickly mounts the Rhinos mounted bolter and shortly after the others arrives in the Rhino, James takes the controls, the Mech-Wright pops the top hatch and readies for combat and the Adept, Jacob, enters the Rhino. Soon after the team is in place one of the red creatures crawls out out of the shaft, and immediately becomes swamped by gunfire from the two shooters and gravel from rhinos tracks.

From the Rhino the team calls for help. None of them are sure what they have seen, but they are certain that they can not handle it themselves.

They establish radio contact with Sol Invictus and somewhat panicky rapport the situation. They then hasten towards the spire where they left Piper Alpha.

Alpha asks them to calm down and see if they can not find a solution because if the creatures are allowed to run freely, it will compromise all and get the inquisition on their backs.

He suggests that they continue to Sol Invictus, because they will soon be supplied from the ship Solanum Tuberosum Felix, when the team could sneak aboard and persuade the crew to shoot at the relay station from orbit.

The team takes off toward Sol Invictus.

From The Fryingpan Into The Orc

The team rushes through the frozen wastelands of Faldon Kise on the way to Sol Invictus. They reach the familiar landmark of the pass through the ridge through which they can see Sol Invictus beyond.

As they approach the pass they find it blocked by a crude barrier stuffed with Orc pulsar mines. Hextor. James brings the Rhino to a stop a good distance from the barrier. Hextor surveys the sides of the pass and the small boulders on the top of it and find them not big enough to pose a threat to the Rhino. Tavares fires the storm bolter at the boulders and see a few Grentchin run away, after which Hextor disembarks the Rhino and climbs the pass.

Meanwhile in the rhino Tavares Paulson III fires the storm bolter directly at the barrier and triggers several of the pulse mines and removes most of the barrier and also some of the snow cover of the huge pit trap in front of the barrier.

Hextor slides down the slope to inspect the barrier while James moves the Rhino around the trap. Both sees that the snow bulges in places look deceptively like pulse mines buried under snow.

From the gun position Tavares has a marvelous view of the pass and the two groups of greenskins who appears there. At the helm of the Rhino James becomes in doubt if he have run over some mines. A waiting game begins until the greenskins are with in range of the storm bolter, at the some point an explosion happens in the center of one of the greenskin groups killing about half, but the rest keeps approaching.

Hextor tries to scale the slope again but he slides back and accidentally puts his foot on a buried pulse mine, he tries to remove his foot successfully from the mine without causing an explosion, and after another failed attempt tempt to scale the slope, he reenters the Rhino and readies for the onslaught of the Greenskins.

As the Greenskins come within reach of the storm bolter, Tavares begins to carve big holes in the approaching Greenskins, leaving the gretchin dead or dying and positively vaporises the few orcs.

When all the greenskins lie down (twitching or not) James reverses the Rhino along the track and Tavares fires the storm bolter and blows the buried mine up leaving a hole in the small area between the pit trap, of which the cover has caved in after the explosion. The area is still passable but only just so. The pit trap revealed is big enough to swallow the Rhino.

Hextor exits the rhino and find 2 greenskins clinging to the sides of the tank, he quickly reenters the tank is a slight panic, Tavares has climbed down from the Bolter by then and Jacob has dared himself to exit the Rhino. As Hextor reexits the rhino now with his shotgun, one of the Gretchin has climbed up the sides and taken the storm bolter, which it fires on Jacob and Hextor and, in a Pulp Fiction moment, hits nothing. Tavares deals with the Gretchin with a well aimed salvo from his autopistol, a fate that is shared by the Gretchin that scales the tank from the other side.

The crew decides that the time to leave is now and James drives the Rhino along the narrow path between the slope and the pit but fails, sending the rhino into the pit where it hits the metal bottom with a clang.

The crew is bruised and battereds and the Rhino is on its side in the metal pit. James tries to scale the pit and find that four grentch has taken position on the edge and shoots at him. Hextor scales the pit and reach the top and starts to shoot at the greenskins.

These are eventually defeated by gun, grenade and psychic force.

Jacob and Tavares spots that the pit has a door.

The Sunken House

The party has investigated the opening in the pit and found an old manor sunken into the rock.

The place was also found by Orcs and contained parts of an ancient library that Piper Alpha found very interesting.

The others found an place that clearly had been used for demon worship and a old arms cabinet full of weapons of high quality.

The source of the mysterious subway sound was also discovered, it was the ore train from Sol Invictus to the neighbouring town.

Intendured Acolytes

After arrival back in Sol Invictus the team has a well deserved rest to recover from the adventure.

The characters sits in an inn and discuss their adventures. Tavares leaves the party to make an inquiry about the drilling in the Sol Invictus area in the central administration building and find that they have a scheduled meeting with Arl, the chief administrator of Sol Invitus. At this time the rest of the party are greeted by a town crier in the inn that announces the meeting to them.

At the same time a shady character enters the inn and sits down within earshot of the party and immediately attracts their suspicion. James and Jacob recognise the man as Sen Lekant, also known as Sly, a fairly recent arrival and very suspicious character. All suspicions are proven correct when Sen approaches them offering them a modest sum for telling him what is discussed in the meeting that their are going to have with Mester Arl later that day.

The party keeps low profile until the meeting, and in due time makes their way to the Administratum. In the anteroom of the Administratum the party is approched by a Novice that on behalf ofMester Attilas, the Towns missionary and head of the Adeptus Terra.

Mester Arl turn out to be very interested in their trip to and return from the spire. and gives them a task to explore the hither-to unknown pathways associated with the rail lines.

After the meeting with Mester Arl, the party is greeted by the same novice and lead to the cathedral and greeted by Mester Attilas who also is interested in their trip. At a point a noble woman enters the cathedral and approaches the group she is also interested in the party’s doing at the spire.

However she also seems uncanny knowledgeable about the party’s origin and is able to produce a rosary contaning the Inquisitorial sign. She introduces herself as Lady Olianthe Rathbone.

The Inqusitor rectruits the Party to search the entire rail line alle the way to St Martin under the guise of the task issued to them by Mester Arl. Speaking of the demonic presence at the relay station, which she somehow knows about, she promises some aid if they should encounter and ends the meeting.

The next morning the Acolytes meet with Mester Arl at the Administratum stables and are introduced to equipment of the exploration which consists of nineteen serfs (cartographs, orc hunters, guards, scribes (and a medic)) an auger array and a bag of krak grenades). Arl departs and Lady Rathbone reveals her presence and gives the Acolytes a “psycannon” with special ammunition. And the adventure awakes.

First stop after Terminus

The party has left Sol Invictus on the various missions. They arrive at the sub station and begin to explore it.

They discover signs of orks and 3 layers of subway stations n-s, e-w and ne-sw, with 6,4 and 4 tracks. The 2nd level has two exits, one e and one west. The mid layer contains a juryrigged railwagon and Kainen Bodewig manages to get it ready for travel.

After the energy has been restored the party are attacked by a group of fanatics. During the struggle the teams psyker Jacob disappears.

The Cult

After the run-in with the fanatics, the party tally their loses which totals one Psyker, three guards and a tracker/orc hunter.

They decide to explore the point of entry for the fanatics. After several hours of walking, the party have a small encounter with three people that wear the same cloak as the fanatics.

After the fight a fourth member of the cultist are found to have been sacrificed by way of disembowelment. This is taken rather badly by some members of the team.

The party continues along the tunnels and finds a sunken hanger with aircraft. After picking a direction more or less at random, the party continues to the end of the hanger where a cockpit has been converted into a door, through which the party spots a faint light.

The party enters the large room beyond and approaches the light source. They discover a large statue with a covered face. From the cowl they spot seven glowing “eyes”. In front of the statue in a pit of sorts stands a man before a small alter. The party spots the “cultist” and decides that this is cult is evil and shoots. Death is instantaneous and beyond question. As a final act the priest offers his soul to the the many-eyed-one; his soul leaves his body and enters the statue. This is a very disturbing sight that shakes the acolytes to their cores.

As the only member of the three that is at the location of the statue, James manages to retain some control (after fleeing uncontrollably for several minutes).

The team returns to the station as a wreck. Two are incapacitated by fear and one is barely hanging on. After a debate and various forms of damage control the acolytes return to Sol Invictus.


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