Don’t think we’re in Seattle anymore

A team of Runners from the Sixth World that has been transplanted by 38000 years in time and about 40000 in light years in space. This is the story of how they survive.


Player Character List
Character Status Class Place of birth
Arl Alive and kicking Scum Voidborn
Atellus Alive and kicking Scum Voidborn (hulk Bleak Endeavour)
Haxtes Gone, presumed eaten by zombies Assassin Hive Worlder (Malfi)
Hoax M.I.A Imperial Psyker
James Mitchell Alive and kicking Guardsman 2020, London, UK
Karnien Bodewig M.I.A. Tech-Priest
Ragnar M.I.A. Guardsman Feralworlder
Tavares Paulson III Alive and kicking Scum 21cent Seattle

Dont think we are in Seattle anymore

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