Dont think we are in Seattle anymore

The Frying Pan and and the Fire

After the Mekboy encounter, the Acolyte decides that it is better to retire and report to the Inquisitor.

After receiving a meal, some sleep and some medical attention, the acolytes are dispatched further along the trail.

At some point the train stops at a derelict track, the techpriest is shocked to find the walls weeping blood.

After some debate the Acolytes investigate the track, further in they see a pressure door of a design that most of the group recognise from the Relay station.

As the Acolytes approaches the door begins to open. The revelation of the bloodletter is a terrible sight for the party and only quick thinking from the guardsman makes him take the psycannon currently held by Tavares Paulson III and shoot the deamon successfully. The deamon disappears as it attacks the shooter.



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