The Rise of the Emperor (c. M30 – M31)
The Great Crusade (c. 800.M30 – early M31)
The Horus Heresy (c. M31)
The Great Scouring (c. M31)
The Time of Rebirth (c. M31 – c. M32)
The Forging (c. M32 – c. M35)

In 646.M32, Agnathio, the Chapter Master of the Ultramarines, unites over 50 leaders from other Chapters of Space Marines and arrives upon Terra.

In 888.M32 the Imperium was consumed by the event known as the Astropath Wars. There is no further information on this conflict available in Imperial records.

In 910.M32 the event known as The Firestorm unfolded. There is no further information on this conflict available in Imperial records.

Sometime during the 33rd Millennium, the War of the Confessor unfolds when in a particularly violent display, the Adeptus Ministorum exerts its newfound political strength. Many key Shrine Worlds are added to its holdings during this first of many wars of faith to come.

In 265.M33, Admiral Usurs of the Imperial Navy was cast down by the High Lords of Terra for becoming too ambitious.

In 313.M33 the Siege of Eternity’s Gate unfolds.

In 615.M33 the Blade of Infinity.

In 831.M33, during what became known as the Year of the Ghosts, the honoured dead rose up in the Segmentum Solar to drive back the terrors of the Warp.

In 401.M34 the terrible crisis known as The Howling unfolded.

In 934.M34 came the Warnings of the Craftworld Ulthwe to the Imperium.
The Nova Terra Interregnum (c. M35)

In 980.M35 the galaxy suffered from the onslaught of the massive Hrud Rising.

In 991.M35, the 21st Founding, later known as the Cursed Founding, occurs.
In 104.M36 the War of Recovery unfolded when patchy reports of technological wonders on the planets of the Mortuam Chain reach Mars.

The Age of Apostasy (M36)

In 310.M36, the event known as the Plague of Unbelief is also considered part of the Age of Apostasy of the 36th Millennium, although it occurred several decades after High Lord Goge Vandire’s death and Sebastian Thor’s ascension to the position of Ecclesiarch.

In 754.M36 the Imperium was struck by the Web of Intrigue Disaster. There is no further information in Imperial records concerning this event.

In 989.M36, as the Eye of Terror and other Warp rifts visibly expand, the Tech-priests servicing the Golden Throne demand an increase in the number of psykers needed to fuel the Emperor’s growing appetite and maintain the Astronomican.

The Age of Redemption (c. M37)

The Age of Redemption marked the era when the Imperium recovered from the sins of apostasy in a rain of blood and tears.

In 010.M37 the Wrath of the Chaos Sun fell upon the Imperium when the red giant star at the heart of the Maxil Beta System explodes in an expanding cloud of Warpflame.

In 020.M37, the High Lords of Terra, in their mercy, begin a systematic and deadly purge within the ranks of the Adeptus Terra and on many worlds across the galaxy to ensure that such a corruption of faith as occurred during the Reign of Blood can never happen again. This becomes known as the Great Cull.

intelligence, Macran guided the Imperial Navy’s Emperor-class Battleship Dominus Astra to the palace’s location. The Blind King was killed and the genocide ended when the Dominus Astra ‘s Lance batteries pierced the palace-warship’s hull and without his psychically prescient leadership the Apostles were swiftly overcome and their weapons hidden away in the vaults of Mars.

By 754.M37, on thousands of planets, menials rebel against their dreary drudgery with wild-eyed leaders espousing a better way of life — a galaxy of tolerance. The movement is especially popular amongst the youth of the Imperium, earning it the title of Children’s Crusade. Billions of earnest pilgrims are lured to seek transport to Terra; some are waylaid by pirates, but the majority disappear into the Warp. They became known collectively as the Lost Crusade.

In 956.M37 the Heavenfall Massacres unfolded. Little else is known about them in the Imperial records.

The Waning (c. M38 – c. 750.M41)
With the Imperium’s military forces in every branch utterly exhausted by the Redemption Crusades, star system after star system fell to Ork invasion, Chaos insurgence or sheer rebellion. Anarchy throughout many sectors of the Imperium was rife during a dark period in Imperial history that is now called the Waning.

During the Grim Harvest in 666.M38, a great armada of misshapen Space Hulks drifts out of the Warp near Terra.

In 001.M39 the Conflict of Helica unfolded.

In 103.M39 the Mausolean Cataclysm struck the Imperium.

In 131.M39, the Redemption Crusades begin.
A Black Crusade is the term used to describe a number of mass incursions by Chaos Space Marines and the other Forces of Chaos into Imperial space from the Eye of Terror. The most prominent of these are the Black Crusades led by the Black Legion’s Warmaster and Horus’ successor as the greatest Champion of Chaos Undivided, Abaddon the Despoiler.
In 139.M41, the 12th Black Crusade, or Gothic War, was a vast campaign launched by Abaddon that engulfed the Gothic Sector of the Segmentum Obscurus after that sector was cut off from Imperial reinforcements and communications by a series of massive Warp Storms produced by the will of the Ruinous Powers.

It consisted of hundreds of planetary invasions and naval battles spanning the time period 139.M41 – 160.M41 and only ended when Abaddon and his Chaos Space Marines, Renegade Chapters, daemonic hosts and rebellious Chaos Cults were forced to retreat into the Immaterium with the arrival of Imperial reinforcements as the Warp Storms that had provided cover for their invasion finally dissipated just as mysteriously as they had begun.

This period saw the Macharian Conquests (also called the Macharian Crusade) of 392-399.M41

In 500.M41, in an event known as the Tears of the Emperor, the Imperium was swept by visions of the Emperor’s tears.

The Time of Ending (c. 750.M41 – Present)

In 745.M41 the Tyranids first enter the galaxy and the Tyrannic Wars begin.

The Blood Star Campaign unfolds in 748.M41, when the star Ares turns blood red.

In 750.M41 the Great Exodus occurs. A strange swirling phenomenon in the Argos System is only a curiosity until the sudden appearance of six Eldar Craftworlds.

The year 757.M41 saw the first recorded incidence of the dread Zombie Plague erupting on the world of Hydra Minoris.

In 766.M41, many Imperial watch stations and listening posts in the Catachan and Ryza Systems are attacked by Eldar pirates under the command of Yriel.

In 783.M41 Eldar from the Ulthwe Craftworld destroy a Mechanicus Explorator fleet above the Dead World of Maedrax, but not before several probes have been released.

An uprising in the Krandor System in 795.M41 is harshly put down by the 23rd Cadian Regiment. Several of the Chaos Cults involved in the rebellion, notably the followers of the Shining Deity, the Cult of Many Tentacles and the red-robed Brotherhood, had not been seen since the Fourth Quadrant Rebellion.

Throughout the Segmentum Ultima, in 797.M41, countless Ork invasions threaten to mass into a single colossal WAAAGH! The forces of the Imperium are stretched to their utmost to contain each individual war zone.

In 801.M41 a brief flicker in the Astronomican throws thousands of ships off course, dooming them to destruction in the Warp. The incident indicates that the Emperor may be weakening.

The lamentable campaign known as the Siege of Vraks occurs from 813-830.M41. The Apostate-Cardinal Xaphan leads the Armoury World of Vraks Prime into the service of the Ruinous Powers.

<<————————-Dark heresy 815 M41

In 822.M41 the Chaos Warmaster Abaddon the Despoiler raids the Eldar Maiden World of Ildanira, seeking a long-lost Chaotic artefact.


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